Wayward Ponies' Home, Inc. takes no responsibility for the descriptions of horses and ponies presented on this page, and cannot answer questions about them. All communication is between those offering equines and those offering to give them homes. It is up to those parties to verify the health and disposition of the horses and ponies, and the good intentions and horse experience of their new caretakers.
Lookin' for a Home
Until we win the lottery, or find a new level of support, we cannot keep or feed any more equines than we already have. As a public service, we will list horses and ponies (or mules or donkeys) that people cannot keep any more. There should not be money asked, because those who take on equines take on considerable expense.

But because there are unscrupulous people around who get horses free or cheap and then sell them at auction, those hoping to re-home equines should do their homework on those wanting to take them: not only get their vet's name, but verify that this person is actually a client of that vet; visit their premises; maybe do a credit check, or get references and check them, including employment; make some kind of contract for right of first refusal if that person should change his or her mind. Your horse is counting on you to assure his/her future! Remember what happened to Black Beauty.