Your tax-deductible donation to Wayward Ponies' Home, Inc. goes directly into an account that is used solely for the consumable support of our rescued horses and ponies, with a small proportion set aside for promotion. Not a penny goes to their housing, fencing or grounds, since that would add to the value of the property they occupy. Nor will a donated cent go toward anything for our three personal horses, since they were given to us for a purpose (trail riding). Their food is paid for separately, and they live and eat separately. (People who run orphanages may be allowed to have children of their own.)

We lease 3 acres of our land to Wayward Ponies' Home, Inc. for a dollar a year, and take no property tax deductions for it. The directors of Wayward Ponies' Home get no pay--it's against the bylaws.

This is our shopping list:

Hay - 36 bales a month
Senior pelleted feed - 8 bags a month
Beet pulp - 16 bags a month
Hoof trimming
Vet bills
Hoof ointment
Fly parasites
Salt blocks
Website fee
Phone bill

Feel free to ask for references as to the ponies' care by asking for contact information for our vet and farrier.

Wayward Ponies' Home, Inc.
PO Box 336
Catheys Valley CA 95306
Hay twice a day! Pictured: Paul
Flymasks on & off each day
of fly season! Pictured: Ginny
Doctoring comes with the territory. Pictured: the late Hannah.